Monday, October 16, 2017

The Witches of Longbourn by @BarbSilkstone #Bargain Kindle Nook Kobo iBooks

Save $5 on this Regency Trilogy

If you enjoyed the Mister Darcy series of comedic mysteries, you don’t want to miss the Witches of Longbourn trilogy. Time is running out. Will Darcy realize the witch he needs is the witch he desires? Love blossoms over three complete but continuing adventures in which Darcy and Elizabeth discover what we have known all along—they belong together.

Pride and Prejudice and Witches ~ a variation on a variation.

Contains the following books in series order:
Darcy’s Royal Dilemma
Lizzy’s Love Apprentice
Darcy’s Magical Message

What readers are saying:

“Great characters, great story, great laughs!”

“Very entertaining and well written for this sort of genre. The story is very tongue in cheek and I enjoyed it very much.”

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Saturday, October 14, 2017

His Redneck Girl by @Lindsey_Brookes #NewRelease #Kindle

Book 1 in the Possum Hollow Series 

Jimmie Joe Johnson has spent years living up to his hound dog reputation. If he can’t have the one female he truly wants, then any female will do. When he isn’t off diddlin’ some female, he’s practicing for pool playoffs, determined to get his pool team to Vegas. Not only for bragging rights, but for the free trip to ‘Sin City’ and the cash prize that comes along with it.

Baylee Jean Brown has never gotten over her first and only love, Jimmie Joe Johnson. So when she discovers the truth about why he really ended things with her all those years before, she sets out to get her man back. And no other thigh-parting female is going to stand in her way. She just has to find a way to make him take notice of her, considering he’d been avoiding her since that day her spell-threatening aunt (yes, she does come from a long line of witches), threatened to place his man-parts in a jar on her windowsill.

Avoiding Baylee Jean Brown in a town the size of Possum Hollow is hard enough, but all of the sudden she’s dressing sexy and aiming all that female heat in his direction. He tries to convince her that she’s better off without him, but how can he expect her to listen to reason when his own heart and body refuse to? Now his man-parts are in a whole different kind of danger. Not because her aunt might still carry through with her threat to pickle them, but because he knows no other woman will ever do.


"Irreverent, bawdy, laugh-out-loud funny. The most hilarious book I've read in years—maybe ever! In fact, I'm pretty sure this book is the reason the term "ROFLMAO" was invented. If you combined Jeff Foxworthy's humor and Jason Stackhouse's good looks and libido, you'd end up with Jimmie Joe Johnson, one smokin' hot hound dog and one hilarious read!" ~New York Times bestselling author C.L. Wilson

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Also look for this title in the Possum Hollow Series:

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Friday, October 13, 2017

In Sickness and in Elf by @AEJonesAuthor #99cents for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iBooks

On Sale For 99¢ 

Take 1 wedding. Add fangs, fur, and fairy dust… stir.

A wedding phobic in a family of wedding planners… Alex Bennett’s life is complicated enough, until she discovers their clients aren’t exactly human. Paranormals exist, and when weddings are sabotaged, Alex will stop at nothing to save the business—even partnering with a sexy investigator with secrets of his own.

A paranormal with no powers… Devin Cole is guilty until proven innocent. His powers have been placed in a supernatural time out until his upcoming trial. He doesn’t have time to investigate a runaway bride case. But the bride is a supermodel who also happens to be supernatural, so he has to handle damage control. His biggest concern—a tempting woman who insists on being part of the investigation.

Can a wedding phobic and a powerless paranormal work together to solve the case while finding their own fairy-tale… or faery-tale… happy ever after?

In Sickness and In Elf is the first book in the paranormal wedding planners romance series. If you like romance with a side order of mystery and a dash of humorous hijinks, then you’ll love this series by Golden Heart® winner and RITA® finalist AE Jones.
What readers are saying:

“Fabulous read [with] humor and heart!”

“Light-hearted fun, suspenseful, and romantic all at once.”

“Clever premise.”

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Also available in Paperback 

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Firehawk's Bride by #JudithEFrench #HistoricalRomance

Amazon Editors Recommended Read!

In 17th century England, divided by race and station, theirs is a forbidden passion. He is a magnificent Cherokee prince—held captive in an alien land—the chosen one destined to save his people from the white invasion. She is a gently-reared squire's daughter, promised in marriage to a man she can never respect. But from the moment Fire Hawk and Kate's gazes lock, and soul calls to soul, the two are bound, caught in a torrent of danger that sweeps them from the castled halls of Kent, across the Atlantic, to the wild splendor of the Great Smoky Mountains. There in the savage wilderness the star-crossed lovers risk everything in a single cast in the game of destiny.

What readers are saying:

"Authentic Native American detail and endearing characters draw you into this incredible love story.  Fire Hawk is as compelling as he is tender. . . a true hero." ~Genell Dellin

"Ms. French writes for the senses.  Her visual description is always poetic and her love scenes sensual." ~Romantic Times Magazine

"Character development is excellent.  Romantic tension adds fire to passion." ~Rendezvous Magazine

"Kudos to Judith French for an eminently readable tale!  She describes the Native American way of life with sympathy and insight." ~Affaire de Coeur Magazine

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Can't Shake You by Beth Donaldson @b_don_writes #Kindle #NewRelease

Heart of It All Series, Book 3

Winter may have Lord County in a deep freeze, but passions-and gossip!-burn hotter than ever...

Between working sixteen hour days and being hounded by his mother to give her some grandchildren already, Jim Ascher is frustrated, lonely and more than ready for the future he’s been missing out on. But then his past crashes back into his life when he finds a car in the ditch—with his first love behind the wheel.

The last thing Melanie Starke expected when she hit a deer on a back country road was a reunion with the guy who broke her teenage heart. She’s always had a hard time letting go of the past and seeing Jim brings the hurt back fresh. And the attraction: Lord County’s most charming bachelor is so hard to resist. Jim says he’s changed, but should she believe him? Does anyone really change?
Lies, manipulations and misunderstandings drive a big wedge between Jim and Mel. But the sweet memory of first love mixed with some very adult passion is hard to shake. With the promise of forever on the line, they must find common ground before an old enemy of Mel’s takes their future out of their hands.

About the author: Beth Donaldson writes because the characters in her head won’t stop bugging her to let them out. Her entry 'Carried Away' won The Rudy for mainstream fiction in the Chesapeake Romance Writer’s “Finish the Damn Book” contest for 2014. That win encouraged her to finish the story (now titled Something to Talk About) and keep writing about Mill Falls and all its characters. 'Just a Taste', released in December 2016 is Book 2 in the series. Beth lives in the beautiful Ohio countryside with her awesome husband, two sappy dogs and two eccentric cats. 

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Other titles in the Heart Of It All Series:
Just a Taste, Book 2

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Unforgettable Christmas by @MimiBarbour @MonaRiskS and others! #Kindle #99cents #KindleUnlimited

What a Deal! 9 Christmas Romances for 99¢!

Heat up your holiday with nine Unforgettable Christmas stories of love and giving, hope and desire. Created by the same bestselling, award-winning authors who brought you the popular Unforgettable Romances and Unforgettable Heroes, this festive bargain boxed set will bring the joy of Christmas to your heart. Grab your favorite Kindle e-reader and cozy up with these amazingly romantic tales that are guaranteed to be… UNFORGETTABLE.

Mimi Barbour – Can love bloom when SHE'S NOT YOU?

Donna Fasano – Sometimes AN ALMOST PERFECT CHRISTMAS is the best you can hope for.

Mona Risk – What could be more exciting than having TWO LOVES FOR CHRISTMAS?

Patrice Wilton – Snuggle up and KISS ME, SANTA.

Nikki Lynn Barrett - And for the high-spirited animal lovers, WE WISH YOU A FERRET CHRISTMAS.

Dani Haviland – For KIT KRINGLE: AN ALASKAN TALE, romance was not part of her plan.

Traci Hall – SANTA, BABY… hurry down the chimney tonight.

Susan Jean Ricci – Celebrate a holiday surprise in CHRISTMAS WITH NIAGARA.

Leanne Banks – They find happily-ever-after during CHRISTMAS IN MISTLETOE.

Find this BARGAIN-PRICED bundle:

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Also available for Kindle Unlimited!

Look for the other Unforgettable Bundles:
Unforgettable Romance (also $0.99)
Both are also available for Kindle Unlimited

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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Operation Date Escape by @Lindsey_Brookes #Kindle #99cents

Sometimes a heart needs rescuing too...

Since her divorce two years before, Kelsie Collins has been determined to guard her heart and steer clear of seemingly ‘perfect’ men. An easy task considering the kind of men her matchmaking mother and her best friend, Nanci, keeps setting her up with. She allows them to set her up, knowing their hearts are in the right place and that there is no risk of her letting any man close enough to hurt her again. Her growing experience in ways to slip out of those ‘dates from hell’ prompts her to start writing a bad date survival guide. One aptly titled - OPERATION: DATE ESCAPE. And it’s during one of those escapes that sexier than sin firefighter Cole Maxwell comes to her rescue.

Cole isn’t sure what to think when the sexy redhead he’s just ‘rescued’ from a bad date informs him that he’s too ‘perfect’ to date. That’s a first. He’s had relationships end because the women couldn’t handle the risks that go along with his chosen profession, but never because he’s too perfect.

When his crew gets called out to rescue someone who is stuck in a tree, Cole finds himself once again coming to Kelsie’s rescue. This time he’s not about to let her get away without agreeing to give him a chance, even holding her high heels hostage to make it happen. She finally gives in and things heat up between them like a 3-alarm fire. But there’s more than passion between them and Cole sets out to prove to Kelsie that he’s nowhere near ‘perfect’, but he is the ‘perfect’ man for her. Can he get past the wall she’s built up around her heart? Or will he end up being just another chapter in her book of men she ran from?

What readers are saying:

“This was such a fun book.”

“…a book I'd recommend to folks looking for a light, funny, sweet and romantic read.”

“I gave this book five stars because it kept me laughing and smiling almost the entire book. It's a funny romance, but at the same time serious.”

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Saturday, October 7, 2017

The Oddest Little Cornish Tea Shop by @BethGoodWriter #Kindle #99cents

Visit Cornwall for 99¢

It's a big day for Charlie Bell - the grand reopening of her Aunt Pansy's long-closed tea rooms in Tremevissey, a quaint Cornish seaside resort. But not everyone is chuffed for Charlie. The tea rooms are cursed, locals say. For Pansy was cruelly jilted by her lover, and walked out into the Atlantic Ocean, never to return.

Charlie dismisses the 'curse' as superstitious nonsense, of course. But by the end of the first day, her world is in tatters, and she's not even sure the tea rooms can open for a second day of trading.

Then in walks a rugged, taciturn man with a sexy smile and everything he owns on his back, looking for a summer job …

Is Gideon Petherick an angel in disguise? Or is history about to repeat itself?

What readers are saying:

“Brilliant story line…”

“Another fabulous read from this author!”

“I love Beth Good’s romances, they’re so light and fluffy, with a wicked sense of humour.”

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Other titles in The Oddest Little Shop Series:

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Romance Beach Bundle 2 by @DonnaFaz #99cents Kindle Nook Kobo iBooks Google

Save $7 – On Sale For 99¢

What’s better than a day at the beach? That would be a day at the beach with a bundle of romance novels! In the Romance Beach Bundle 2, USA Today Bestselling Author Donna Fasano brings you three romantic books that are sure to warm your heart and put a smile on your face. The titles included in this boxed set of romance books are:

Return of the Runaway Bride – Ten years ago, Savanna had second thoughts on her wedding day and she ran away. Now she’s back in town, intending to make Daniel understand why she abandoned him. Will she convince the man of her dreams he will always be her Prince Charming?

Take Me, I’m Yours – After thwarting a kidnapping attempt, Lainey inherits a fortune. But a brooding bachelor with a love phobia comes along with the deal.

The Single Daddy Club: Derrick – Ex-military man Derrick is solitary and satisfied… until little Timmy is dropped into his lap and Derrick must learn to be somebody's daddy. Fate may have denied schoolteacher Anna a family of her own, but she still has plenty of love to give—if only someone will notice.

What readers are saying:

“The author knows how to show deep emotions in difficult situations.”

“I really love this author. Her characters are so real. Her stories are flawless and easy to read. The editing is fabulous. I'll be reading many more of her books.”

Find this Bargain-Priced Bundle for $0.99:

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Also, don’t miss Romance Beach Bundle 1:

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